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Partners: Mohammad Abualhuda, Raghad Al-Ali

For centuries, cultural and ethnic prejudice was the reason behind hate and crime. With the rise of Islam, this region promoted virtues such as tolerance and acceptance across its multi-ethnic society. Through diminishing qualitative standards, an attempt exists for a continuously evolving civilization that aspires to unify individuals under a single social body, irrelevant of color or tongue. The artwork reveals itself as a multi-cellular sphere in which each cell is geometrically unique and distinct from the other. Stainless steel cells reflect themselves and open a window into the core of the multi-cellular body. The form of the artwork portrays the constant change of our society to preserve tolerance and adapt to the deviations of the world. The artwork attempts to cherish individual uniqueness and illustrate a "new" texture of our society, a physical aspiration of both a diverse unity and a unified diversity.

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