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Partners: Mohammad Abualhuda, Raghad Al-Ali

The origins of coffee are shrouded with legends and the stories behind its discovery have become as mystical as its full-bodied flavor. Kowar is a piece that rests to symbolize a journey of coffee making and story-telling. Arabic coffee is more than just a drink, it is a messenger of peace, a symbol of friendship and acceptance, but most importantly, it is also a source of pride. Therefore Arabs have spent decades perfecting the art of making and presenting it, dating back to Bedouins and their devotion to the process.

Making and drinking Arabian coffee has, over the decades, been maintained and protected, turning it into an art of social hospitality. Many tribal Arab poets have voiced their appreciation and love of coffee through lush lyrical verses, detailing its merits and attempting to capture its mystique in words. Aloosh bin Dowaiher Al Anzi was famed for his comprehensive knowledge on Arabic coffee which earned him a stellar reputation and immortalized him in Bedouin folklore.

The Bedouins have furthermore turned the grinding process into a form of ritual with beats and rhythm with the music aspect, which inspired the parametric aspect of the piece.

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