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Encounter With Another World

I explore how natural topologies and digital design fuse between behavior and material to transform the fundamentals of design and assembly of objects, buildings, and systems.


My artwork is an exuberant fusion between two worlds. The first is generative, logical and objective. The forms are mathematically generated and digitally created. The second is emotional, spiritual, and subjective. What triggers my senses during the worthwhile process of generating these forms is their explicit organic patterns and their intricate topologies. 


Structures and patterns are an essential components of the formula that I use to create this art. Challenging yet rewarding, the journey of discovering these forms was an endless quest across an infinite numerical landscape.  To highlight and emphasize the structures and patterns of these forms, the fourth dimension of color was effectively incorporated.


In an abstract sense, the worlds mix but do not react. Inspired by the natural mathematics that I observe in the creation of the universe, these art forms were created. I wonders if nature meta-thinks like humans do. Astonishment, contemplation, and perhaps even reverie, are the results of such wondering.

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