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Abwab Pavilion 

Lead Architect: Faysal Tabbarah 

Design Company: Architecture + Other Things

Event: Dubai Design Week 2018

"This question was used to initiate a project that rethinks the life-span of materials used in the construction of temporary events. Specifically, Architecture + Other Things is investigating the potential second life of fallen twigs and timber, as a thickened and porous structural armatures that are coated in recycled and dyed paper pulp. The paper pulp acts as both surface as well as a structural binder. Rethinking the function of organic matter parallels the production of design narratives for an exhibition. The intention is that after the event, all elements of the pavilions can be composted or recycled."

My role was to model and simulate different wall types with finishes, including tree branches, gabion walls, and foam columns. Once discussed and approved, I worked on preparing prototypes for the material with different densities and colors. 

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